shipznet chooses Electronav for new partnership in Greece


Electronav shipznet partnership

30 years experience brings 3G communication to the maritime Greek market

Wentorf/Hamburg/Piraeus, 20. February 2017: bobz GmbH and Electronav, a 30 years established company in Greece for connected solutions in maritime IT communication, had announced their partnership agreement today. shipznet, a well known development of bobz GmbH, is the only high speed mobile network service „made in Germany" for merchantshipping, that offers a world-wide, midsize or Europe monthly flat rate near-shore or in harbors, without any additional roaming costs. With shipznet Electronav can now provide a 3G mobile broadband solution.

„This partnership with shipznet brings an unique solution for the Greek maritime market. With shipznet solution, our customers can lower significantly the cost of FleetBroadband and also offer a low cost crew welfare solution. The up to 30 km range and the single sim for every country makes shipznet a very appealing solution for our customers. We are very pleased shipznet has chosen Electronav to be partner of choice for the Greek maritime market", says Stavros Kontizas, Managing Director of Electronav.

Reduce communication costs significantly

shipznet provides a very small above-deck unit with two antennas that guarantees easy installation. The below-deck unit serves as a router and takes over the power supply for the above-deck unit. shipznet complements either FleetBroadband, regarding high volume costs, Iridium regarding low transfer rates or VSAT as a back-up solution.

However, shipznet is also an ideal stand alone solution. Especially the feature „crew solution" makes shipznet interesting for shipping companies since offering the crewa better and less expensive way of communication.

„With Electronav we have found a very well known partner with 30 years experience in the Greek market. Electronav understands our shipznet solution and will build an excellent bridge betweenshippping companies in Greece and bobz GmbH", says Claudia Bobzin, Managing Director of bobz GmbH.

Profile bobz GmbH

bobz GmbH advises and assists companies in all manufacturer-neutral areas, on technology issues regarding their development, implementation and communication. This applies especially to the following areas: Internet/Web, Solar, mobile apps, SATCOM and wireless. bobz GmbH is very well known by its established productshipznet, a near-shore high speed 3G communication solution. An extensive range of communication services rounds off the offer. The company is headquartered in Wentorf near Hamburg.


bobz GmbH, Claudia Bobzin, Südring 3d, 21465 Wentorf bei Hamburg, Germany, , phone: +49 40 7880 8305, email:

Profile Electronav

The company was established in 1986 and has been a leading provider in the maritime market. The last 30 years we grew from a family firm to a consistently growing business, evolving not only in Marine electronics but also in connectivity solutions. Based near Piraeus port, the main port of Athens and the biggest port in Greece, Electronav is your one-way destination for knowledge and experience combined with high quality services, to cover all your needs related to our products.


Electronav, Stavros Kontizas, 24 Kapodistriou str., 18531, Piraeus, Greece, phone: +30 210 4127752, email:


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